Salibay Resort

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is Sali Bay Resort?

The resort is located on the small island of Sali kecil, regency of South Halmahera – North Moluccas :

0˚25’ 40” S – 127˚ 44’ 30” E

How to get to Sali Bay?

Sali Bay is a “remote” destination, but it is not too difficult to reach, no overnight stay during the trip.

Best flight connection is by Singapore Airlines with arrival in Manado four time a week.

The flight is landing 01 pm.- 02.45 pm the WingsAir connection take off to Labuha. Arrival 05.30 pm (+1h) after a short stopover in Ternate.

From Labuha airport  20 min by car to the jetty and another 45 min by speed boat  to Sali Bay Resort.

Checking out: the flight Labuha – Manado is taking off 07.35 am and landing 08.30 am (-1h). The Silk Air flight to Singapore is 14.00pm.

Transfers to/from Sali Bay are coordinated with Silk Air’s Manado schedule:


You can get to Sali Bay also from Jakarta

Are luggage surcharged?

Singapore Airlines allows 30 kg, the domestic flight only 10 kg.

Overweight surcharge is to pay at Manado/Labuha airport, the payment has to be done in local currency cash:  22.000 IDR/Kg – about 1,50 euro.

If you want save the surcharge and enjoy travelling light consider the option of renting diving gear by Sali Bay. We have all new and well mantained gear to rent for reasonable cost.

The on arrival Indonesian visa is for free for almost all the world countries.
How can pay the extras?

Sali Bay Resort accept only cash. €, SFR, IDR or AUS. USD only 50$ or 100$ bills in very good condition

Is any prophilaxes required?
At Sali Bay we have few mosquito, malaria prophilaxe is not compulsory. By request we can set your villa with mosquito nets. Take with you the usual travellers drugs.
Which is the best season?
Sali Bay Resort is located in a protected bay and is 12 months open. The weather and ocean conditions are mostly the same around the year, some more rain is to expect november – march.
What is in the price included?
Full board, three meals/day – drinking water – tea – coffe, Wi-fi (sometimes week signal)